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Bringing Oxford to Life with Dynamic Multimedia Content

Web Designers & SEO Experts Oxfordshire

Swanky Pixels provides affordable website design and SEO consulting services based in UK offices in Oxford.

Our team of experts specialises in Joomla and WordPress web design, social media engagement, digital marketing, eCommerce development, multi-media, and search engine optimization. We primarily serve clients in Oxfordshire, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

Our websites are dynamic across all devices, developed with organic SEO optimisation to ensure they are found above your competition. Plus, we offer training so you can maintain and manage your CMS website. Our goal is to help your business grow through web design that works for you. We work with you to ensure we understand your mission statement and business brand. With a clear understanding of your online marketing strategy, our team is here to help you through every step of the journey.

Social Media Marketing & Engagement

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks to reach your marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and other content that drives audience engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.

Through social media marketing, businesses can promote their products and services, build customer relationships, and increase their exposure and reach, but rememeber CONTENT IS KING.

Content is king

HashTag Tips

Start with a relevant keyword
Soicial Media Tips

Begin by selecting a keyword that relates to the multimedia post you are sharing. This could be a descriptive word, phrase, or hashtag that will help people find your post.

Make it relevant to your audience:
Make it relevant to your audience:

Take into consideration the type of audience you are targeting and the interests of your followers. Try to use keywords that are relatable and understandable.

Keep it short and sweet:

Hashtags should be short and sweet. Aim for 1-3 words to make them easy to read and remember.

Use relevant hashtags:

Look for hashtags that are relevant to the content you are posting. This will help people find your post and also increase the chances of engagement.

Capitalize each word

Capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtag to make it easier to read. This will also help distinguish each word from the others.

Add an emoji:

Adding an emoji to your #hashtag can make it stand out and draw attention. It’s also a great way to show your personality and make your post more engaging.

Engage with your network

Start engaging with content. Like, comment, share, or retweet posts that are relevant to your industry, interests, or specialties.

Respond to comments
Respond to comments on your posts. Answer questions, thank people for their feedback, and engage in conversations with your followers.

"NO buzz words, NO jargon, Just good old communication, lets start your JOURNEY"

Social Media


Are you looking for the best local organic SEO company with a proven track record of getting clients to number one on Google?

We are one of the UK's leading expert SEO Consultants, based in Oxford but successfully helping clients across the United Kingdom. A highly ranked agency, our team are SEO experts; we help and support businesses online to improve their organic search rankings to increase traffic over competitor companies and sales growth from their business website.

You have implemented an SEO campaign to help search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to find your business on the world wide web, but does your content get found when searching?

Our SEO company can offer design services, SEO strategy and a social media marketing service so your site will stand out above your competitor's websites. Contact us now to make your site content get found.

Get in touch and let's chat & drink coffee!

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Organic SEO is a type of search engine optimisation (SEO) that focuses on improving a website's organic search engine rankings.

Organic SEO involves optimising a website's content and structure to make it more relevant and visible to search engines. It also involves optimising a website's backlink profile, which includes link building, content marketing, and social media outreach.


Digital marketing uses digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to promote your business and its products and services.

It is an effective way to reach a broad audience and can be used to achieve a variety of marketing goals, such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and converting prospects into customers. By leveraging digital marketing strategies, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and reach their goals faster.

Unlock Your Imagination with AI Multimedia Agency Oxford

AI Agency Oxford

AI is undoubtedly the future of many industries. It has already found application in various sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation, among others. As AI technology continues to advance and become more potent, it holds immense potential to increase productivity and efficiency across numerous domains.

AI's adaptability and versatility can help solve real-world problems in innovative ways and empower individuals to make better decisions. With AI's ability to learn and improve continually, it can offer valuable insights and recommendations, contributing to better outcomes in different fields.

As the demand for AI technology and applications continue to grow, businesses that incorporate AI into their operations stand to benefit significantly. By harnessing the power of AI, they can optimise their work processes, drive new innovation, and achieve competitive advantages over their competitors.


AI technology is a valuable tool for businesses, enabling them to save time and resources by automating mundane, repetitive tasks and streamlining processes.

With AI's ability to automate customer service and data entry, businesses can simplify their operations and devote more time to strategic activities. AI's data analysis capabilities can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends, aiding in marketing and advertising efforts and informing decision-making.

By identifying new business opportunities and providing personalised recommendations, AI enhances the customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. Overall, integrating AI technology into business operations can yield numerous benefits and improve overall performance and cost savings for a business.


When utilised properly, AI can aid in lead generation through a multitude of methods. AI can analyse customer data, recognise potential leads, and detect patterns in customer behavior to generate more focused leads.

AI can streamline lead nurturing procedures, producing a greater number of qualified leads. By determining the appropriate time to contact leads, AI can offer insights on campaign effectiveness, and provide guidance on how to optimise campaigns for greater success.

Incorporating AI technology into lead generation strategies can increase efficiency and produce more valuable results.


We are based in Oxford, working on video and filmmaking for clients across the South West UK. We have produced films and promo videos for various clients, including most of the top chefs in the Southwest for their restaurants and guest spots at food festivals and pop up feasts.

Video content can be a powerful tool for businesses when used strategically, making a substantial contribution to their overall SEO strategy in multiple ways. In today's digital landscape, people are discerning about the content they choose to engage with and share, so it's crucial to have a well-defined target audience in mind.

To achieve the desired results, it's essential to create video content that resonates with your intended audience and motivates them to share it with others. Additionally, video content that provides value and addresses specific pain points can encourage others to link to it, further boosting its reach and impact.

Overall, incorporating high-quality video content into your SEO strategy can enhance brand awareness, drive traffic, and improve search rankings. As video continues to dominate digital channels, businesses that invest in creating compelling video content stand to reap significant rewards.