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Pardon our pixels, we're building something swanky!

Swanky Pixels: Oxfordshire’s Premier Web Designers & SEO Experts

Discover the Swanky Difference

Hey there! Welcome to Swanky Pixels, where we blend creativity with technology to build stunning websites and robust SEO strategies. Based in the heart of Oxford, we serve clients across Oxfordshire and the picturesque Cotswolds. Our mission? To make your business shine online with a touch of swankiness.

Our Story: From Humble Beginnings to Swanky Success

It all started in a cosy corner of Oxford, where passionate web designers and SEO enthusiasts decided to make a difference. Our founder, an Oxford-born and bred, often reminisces about the early days, tinkering with HTML in a small office above a bustling café on a ZX Spectrum. Fast forward to today, we’ve grown into a dynamic team that’s helped countless businesses elevate their online presence.

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Why Swanky Pixels?

Personalised Web Design

At Swanky Pixels, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Every website we create is tailored to reflect your brand’s unique personality. Whether you’re a trendy café in Oxford or a charming B&B in the Cotswolds, we craft designs that captivate and convert. We take the time to understand your vision and transform it into a digital masterpiece.

SEO That Gets You Noticed

A beautiful website is just the beginning. Our SEO strategies ensure your site doesn’t just sit pretty—it gets found. Imagine your business popping up at the top of search results, drawing in potential customers who are eager to discover what you offer. That’s the Swanky Pixels promise: SEO that works.

Our Swanky Services

Web Design in Oxfordshire

From modern, sleek designs to more traditional aesthetics, our web design services cater to all tastes. We understand the local market and know how to make your business stand out. Our team works with a variety of platforms, including Joomla and WordPress, to deliver sites that are not only visually appealing but also easy to manage.

Comprehensive SEO Services

We’re more than just web designers—we’re SEO experts. Our local SEO strategies help Oxfordshire businesses get found by people who are actively searching for their services. We optimise your site from the ground up, ensuring it ranks well and attracts high-quality traffic.

E-commerce Excellence

Got products to sell? Our e-commerce solutions are designed to make online shopping a seamless experience for your customers. We create user-friendly, responsive e-commerce websites that drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Plus, our SEO services ensure your products get the attention they deserve.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is crucial. Our team of social media specialists in Oxfordshire can help you increase brand awareness, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your site. From content creation to campaign management, we’ve got all your digital marketing needs covered.
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NO buzzwords,
NO jargon,
WE just create PIXEL stuff.


Our Local Touch

Embracing Oxfordshire Charm

Living and working in Oxford gives us a unique perspective. We understand the local culture and business landscape, allowing us to create websites that resonate with the community. But our reach extends beyond Oxfordshire. We serve clients throughout the Cotswolds, bringing a touch of local charm to every project.

Face-to-Face Collaboration

We believe in the power of personal connections. If you’re local to Oxford, let’s meet for coffee and discuss your project. There’s something special about face-to-face interactions that can’t be replicated online. We’re always excited to brainstorm and bring your ideas to life, we may even have a second cup.

Our Floating Office

Here’s a fun fact: our office is a canal boat! Cruising along the British waterways, our floating office is a testament to our creative spirit. This unique setup allows us to draw inspiration from the serene surroundings and bring fresh, innovative ideas to our projects. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter with clients!

Success Stories

Oxford Canal Ventures

One of our most memorable projects was with a talented artist based along the picturesque Oxford Canal. They needed a website to showcase their stunning artwork and connect with potential buyers and art enthusiasts. We crafted a visually captivating and easy-to-navigate site that perfectly reflected the unique style of their creations. The website not only enhanced their online presence but also attracted a wider audience, leading to increased visibility and sales. Witnessing the artist's excitement as their work reached new admirers was incredibly fulfilling for us at Swanky Pixels.

Diverse Clientele

From startups to established enterprises, our portfolio is diverse. We’ve worked with artists, architects, garden centers, and more, each project bringing its own set of challenges and triumphs. Our success stories span various industries, each one showcasing our ability to adapt and deliver exceptional results.
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Let's Get Started

Ready to transform your online presence? We’re here to help! Reach out to us, and let’s chat about how we can make your business swanky. Whether you need a brand-new website, an SEO overhaul, or a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Swanky Pixels is your go-to partner in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.