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CMS Website Management

CMS website designers based in Cornwall. More and more clients are coming to us as they would like to have more control over their website. CMS Websites, gives the client the freedom they need. CMS stands for Content Management Software.

There are many different types of CMS, for example Joomla and Wordpress. These are open source software thats free for anyone to use. The core software is used to build the site then 3rd party add-ons are used to make the website all signing and dancing.

Security Add-ons

The most important part of a CMS website is that it needs to be kept secure. All core software and any 3rd party add-ons need to be kept updated on a regular basis. As standard we do this for a clients as part of the hosting service we provide. Site backup should take place before and any changes or updates are done. Remember a backup is only good if it is a tested working backup.

3rd party Add-ons

3rd party add-ons are categorised into components, modules, plugins or themes, they can either be free or paid for per domain name, or you buy a yearly subscription that can be used on multiple sites. These 3rd party add on's all have different functionalites, the possibilites are endless.

The Main 3rd party add-ons we use for clients
  • Backup Component
    Allows automatic backups and software updates
  • Admin Tools
    Security plugin and database tools
  • Contact Forms
    Make custom forms anywhere on the site
  • Document management
    Download area for technical documents
  • Booking Forms
    More complex booking forms
  • Event Components
    For selling event booking places
  • Ecommerce Software
    Shopping cart, Worldpay, Buy online
  • Images
    Photograph galleries and portfolios
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