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Reasons why you should add an 'S'

We all want our websites to be secure and ranking higher than our competitors through organic SEO, so just having an 'S' can make all the difference. Read through for some reasons why.

If two competitors website has otherwise same web pages, news content, search engines prefer a domain name with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) sites, pushing the secure domain to take the lead, so why not add an s.

Yes, we need to make our websites secure, primarily if we sell online, though It encrypts all communication, including URL's, protecting things like browsing history not just credit card numbers.

Your website designer, IT department or hosting company can help install these for you. You have to buy an SSL certificate, and these start at around £50, including installation.

why you need an SSL certificate

YOUR website need's to be HTTPS

  1. The "s" stands for Secure as it uses "SSL", Secure Sockets Layer. This technology encrypts your connection to a website, making it even harder for hackers to intercept any of your data."
  2. Helps with SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Keeps your website secure to safeguard data
  4. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) require you to have https, and more people search on a mobile device than a desktop computer
  5. It is more common now, modern browsers and most progressive web apps require a site to have https to perform as it should
  6. Google prefers sites that are trusted and certified
  7. A user who knows the difference between HTTP and HTTPS can now buy with confidence but does not it's only for sites that sell things
  8. It encrypts communications, including URL's, which protects stuff like browsing history and credit card numbers.