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Local SEO

Local SEO company, driving organic traffic to your business Local SEO is targeting your digital business content for where you are based. Swanky Pixels SEO consultants, an agency based in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds in the UK, helping companies get found locally. Your company details should be fully optimised so when a customer searches locally for your services, your site should be at the top of page one and showing in Google maps. SEO TESTIMONIAL Pete, at the Swanky Pixels agency, has been fantastic to work with on our website and SEO digital marketing project. He knows his stuff and...

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Reasons why you should add an 'S'

Reasons why you should add an 'S' We all want our websites to be secure and ranking higher than our competitors through organic SEO, so just having an 'S' can make all the difference. Read through for some reasons why. If two competitors website has otherwise same web pages, news content, search engines prefer a domain name with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) sites, pushing the secure domain to take the lead, so why not add an s. Yes, we need to make our websites secure, primarily if we sell online, though It encrypts all communication, including URL's, protecting things...

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Canal and Waterways Web Design

Waterways & Marine Industry Web Design We specialise in creative website design for boat builders, brokers and hire companies, built with organic SEO, we love working with clients in the marine industry. Waterways are something we are passionate about. If you are looking for web design Oxfordshire, or Cotswold web design look no further. If you have a business that operates on our UK British waterways, we would love to help get your business to stand out from the crowd. Whether you build canal boats, a boat broker selling boats, or offer waterway services like, marine engine mechanics, transportation...

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Why Do I Need a Website For My Business

Why Do I Need a Website For My Business Reason #1 – Broadcast to the world Spread the news. Many companies spend a fortune on creating corporate logos, branded stationery and advertising. A website can help reduce that cost and time. Your potential customers can find out about your business, products and learn more about you. If you get most of your business through networking or recomendations, then you need a website so they can check you out. Reason #2 – More business customers More than 3 billion people use the internet every day, 95% of UK users have purchased something online,...

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Website MOT

Website MOT Analysis Does your website need a FREE no obligation appraisal ? Having a face to face business meeting, we can review the digital presence of your company website to ensure your website is really working for you.We will look at your web site and ensure it is dynamic so it works across all devices like tablets, smart phones and large desktops. How do your clients engage and interact with the site, does your site have call to actions? In depth analysis of the SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, looking at H-Tags, meta data, keywords and key phrases, just a few areas that...

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New Year For Business Start-up

Web Design for Business Start-Ups A new year has begun for your start-up business, whether it's large or small you will need a website design, video production, news feeds, development and starting a marketing campaign for your company to attract clients and customers. Beginning the New Year off with a fresh start-up company website whether a large or small business, new beginnings, can be scary. Don’t worry setting up a new business is easy; it’s just having the courage to take that first step. We can help take the pressure off you, we have years of experience in helping start-ups and...

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Web Designers Passionate about VW & Surfing

Web Designers Passionate about VW & Surfing OK we love to surf, swim and kayak whilst discovering hidden gems around Cornwall in Betsy our VW T5, so if your looking to re-develop your surfing shop website or your VW conversion company, give us a shout, we may even be interested in bartering services, our T5 could do with more pimping and you can never have enough surf boards, something we're very passionate. :-) Website design Cornwall CMS web design Graphic designers Film Production News blogs Ecommerce and shopping cart web sites Marketing for your VW company Social media Organic SEO...

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